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We all want our motorcycles to look and perform at their best. This is one of the best reasons why motorcycle owners would love to detail their bikes. Detailing is a crucial step, whether you plan to sell a motorcycle or maintain its good quality. Motorcycle detailing can also help reveal mechanical problems so that you can give them prompt actions.

Here are some of the ways to try on how to detail a motorcycle: 


Before the actual detailing job, prep your motorcycle by spraying down the lower sections of your bike using a garden hose. This step will help prevent scratching and remove the dirt particles. Remember to gently clean your bike’s hard surfaces using high-quality microfiber and a detergent that’s not too harsh. For motorcycles that are only slightly soiled, wiping the surface with a waterless wash solution is recommended.

However, if your motorcycle is extremely greasy, a more potent soap can be used.

Dash and Controls

Motorcycle dashes contain the vital parts of the vehicle, and these should be protected from moisture at all times. During the detailing process, it would be best to use a cleaner that gives UV protection for both clear and coloured plastics.

Wheel Cleaner

Spokes and wheels should be washed separately because they are made of different materials. Wash your wheels and tires with a mild tire cleaner and soap. This is to get rid of road film, oils, and tire dressings. After the tires are cleaned and dry, polish and protect your rims with wax and fine chrome polish. Use aluminum polish on uncoated aluminum and wax the coated aluminum.

Chrome Polish

For the bike’s controls and dashboard, the chrome should be polished in cool and non-humid areas. It is advisable to do the chrome polishing process twice, taking a break in between to complete another detailing step. To maintain the quality and look of the polish, you can do a quick coat of wax.

Engine Cleaner

Cleaning your engine properly will depend on how dirty your engine is. You need to use a soft bristle brush and wash soap for the bike or a tough degreaser if needed. It’s also imperative for the engines to be away from direct sunlight during the process. 

Highly corrosive compounds can damage the motorcycle’s other parts such as chrome, leather, and paint, so be cautious while cleaning your bike. 

Leather Treatment

The leather on the seats can be natural aniline leather, high-quality vinyl, or a coated leather. Generally, good leather care with a non-slick protectant will keep your seat stunning for a long time. 

Rinse Properly

Use the softest water possible and make sure that excess water is absorbed completely. This will avoid leaving any spot or residue behind. The proper procedures for getting rid of excess water can be complex, but they are definitely worth learning. Always give your motorcycle an excellent rinse.


Motorcycles have many parts, with some of their sections hiding in plain sight. To ensure every corner is dried, use a metro sidekick. This will provide high-pressure filtered air to dry your motorcycle completely. Use a soft microfiber towel to dry anything that is missed in the air-drying process. 

Paint Sealant

Paint on motorcycles is treated a bit differently than the paint on your car. You may need to do a light claying or polishing, depending on the paint’s current condition. A paint that has been neglected for a long time may require a machine compound before waxing or polishing.


Motorcycle detailing is a process that is both daunting and rewarding. A person doing this should be patient and passionate. If you’re not skilled with it and would like to achieve a well-maintained bike, you should look for professional detailing services.

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