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Today we live in an age of convenience, we want all of our tasks and chores to be alot easier to do or we just blatantly want them done for us.

In the same world in which we used to drive ourselves we now have Lyft and Uber.

The same world  we once had to call to make a food delivery we simply use Skip The Dishes or Uber Eats.

Things we do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are becoming a lot easier to do and that also includes auto detailing.

Drip Detailing now offers our services directly in your garage,driveway, place of business etc, all thanks to mobile detailing services.

No matter how busy you are with work, taking care of the kids or the hundreds of other chores you may have to do around the house, you can rest assured that spending hours detailing your own vehicle will not be one of them.

Let one of our auto detailing technicians handle the daunting task of cleaning your vehicle so you can get back to what really matters! Did you also know that Drip Detailing can also detail your motorcycle, whether its mobile or not!

How To Book Your Mobile Detailing Appointment

Mobile detailing is now more simple and easier to manage than ever!

With the growing use of internet, social media and technology overall, scheduling your next auto detailing appointment is literally a few clicks away.

Booking with Drip Detailing is really simple and we give you a few options as well on how to do so.

The first option is to go online to our website at, simply click on the auto detailing option, put in the size of your vehicle and which services you would like us to perform, which date and time you would like us to come down and that’s it, as simple as that.

After booking your mobile detailing appointment with us on our website we send you an email confirmation just to ensure you that we have your appointment saved within our system and will be dispatching a trained car detailing technician out to service your vehicle.

We also offer a few other methods when it comes to booking an auto detailing appointment which are quite similar to each other.

If you have further questions you would like to clarify before booking a service or would like a simpler way to get your car detailing done you can also message us on our social media on Facebook or Instagram or also send us a text !

Whichever of those options you would like to opt in for we always will ask the same questions and ask for the same information as the website booking method!

After your mobile detailing service has been booked and the day has come for us to service your vehicle, we prepare one of our vans with premium Drip Car Care products and professional auto detailing equipment to best serve and fulfill your needs!

Mobile Detailing and Its Benefits

"A picture of the back of a white Acura MDX after a mobile car detail"


Mobile detailing has plenty of benefits to it, saving you time, energy and even money!

Like we demonstrated above, you can have a professional auto detailing technician arrive at your workplace or home to work on your vehicle while you are busy with other tasks.

Allow your vehicle to be cleaned inside and out while you get some serious work done.

Mobile detailing is ideal for those who have a busy schedule and do not have time to drop off their car at an auto detailing shop, wait a few hours and then go pick it up once again.

Here are a few of the benefits of using a mobile detailing service rather than a stationary auto detailing shop.

You Save Time When You Choose Mobile Detailing

With a hundred other things going on in your life at once, you don’t really have the time to worry about maintaining the cleanliness of your car.

The “Ill do it over the weekend“ turns into “Ill do it next week“ because you were too tired from work, you had to take care of the kids or mow the lawn.

We completely understand that there may be some things that are more important to you than spending hours cleaning up your car, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to constantly drive in a messy vehicle on a daily basis.

Allow us to remove bacteria and germs from your vehicle by giving it a thorough steam clean while you focus on the important matters.

Mobile detailing occurs when you are working on that school assignment ,putting in a few hours of overtime or just simply hitting the gym.

Continue with your day to day life and allow us to completely rejuvenate your vehicle, by the time you finish up with whatever you were working on, you will have a squeaky clean car ready to conquer the rest of the day alongside with you.

Do not worry about having to take your vehicle down to an auto detailing shop and waste hours of your day waiting, instead have a mobile detailing service being performed right outside your windows.

After all you have 99 problems, don’t let auto detailing be one 😉 

Protect Your Health By Avoiding Auto Detailing Chemicals

Although we spend hours in a week inside of our vehicles we never once stop to consider the bacteria and germs lurking within.

Did you know, certain parts of your vehicle are actually dirtier and contain a considerably higher amount of bacteria and germs than your average toilet?

We mentioned Uber and Lyft previously, both very common ride sharing platforms, meaning that you are, in most cases, not the only individual touching that seatbelt or rolling down a window.

Insurance company NetQuote conducted a research on bacteria within taxi’s, ridesharing vehicles and rental cars, with the results showing just how much bacteria was present on different surfaces.

NetQuotes samples showed areas riddled with various different germs which could prove to be harmful to the human body, we won’t go too in depth and scare you too much but if you would like to learn more, we highly recommend that you read the article.

The study showed that ride sharing application services were the biggest offenders by a huge amount, having almost triple the amount of germs on average than your toothbrush!

Also out of all the areas in a vehicle the seatbelt tends to contain the most amount of germs, and by a longshot as well, surprisingly more than the door handles!  

“Taxis are required to keep their cars clean, meaning they may be using cleaners and disinfectants that will aerosolized onto the belts and help keep the microbial numbers low.” says Jason Tetro, microbiologist and author of The Germ Files

Most of this is general knowledge for ride-sharing vehicles but it also applies to your vehicle as well.

Think about all of the people who come in and out of your vehicle on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or even all the different things you touch, you just transfer the same germs and bacteria to your seat belt or steering wheel as well.

Mobile Detailing Saves You Money

We all know those shops that charge a tremendous amount for car detailing, and they need to do so.

Having a shop also means the owner must pay for rent and utilities for the place of business, meaning that he or she has to charge a more premium price for auto detailing simply to pay for their expenses.

As a mobile detailing unit you do not have these same costs associated to your business so we can pass those savings on to you! 

For more information in regards to our mobile detailing services please contact Drip Detailing today! Call (403)585-9827 or email us at !