Car Maintenance

Owning a car is a huge responsibility. Besides being one of your most significant investments, you use your car most of the time, making it one of your most valued possessions. For this reason, you must ensure that it’s in good condition and it looks great all the time. 

Since you use your car daily, it could suffer from a bit of wear and tear. Fortunately, there are different ways to keep your vehicle looking clean and new, even if you use it regularly, and you can do this by getting auto detailing, washing, and polishing. 

If you’re wondering how you can preserve your car’s value and maintain the way it looks, keep reading. This article is our ultimate car maintenance guide. Let’s get to it!

Get your car detailed regularly

When you get your car detailed, it basically means that you’re cleaning your vehicle from top-to-bottom and trusting professionals to perform cosmetic repairs and touch-ups to improve and maintain the aesthetics of your car. 

Experts recommend that you get your car detailed every four to six months. However, you should still consider how much you use your car, what you use it for, and the type of person you are to figure out how frequently your car needs detailing. 

Wash your car 

Auto detailing requires you to have at least two to three sessions yearly, but what are you supposed to do between these sessions? Simple: You get your car washed. 

Many people don’t wash their cars as often as they’re supposed to because it takes a lot of time and energy. Other times, your vehicle may not be experiencing much contact with environmental factors, allowing you to get away with car washes. 

Whatever your reason is, and depending on how often you use your car, you should wash your car at least twice a week to ensure that your car looks shiny and new. But if you’re pressed with time, you can get your garden house and give your vehicle a bit of shower to keep grime and dirt at bay. 

Polish your car

If auto detailing requires you to have two to three sessions and you should get your car washed at least twice a week, how often should you get your car polished? Ideally, you want to get your car waxed and polished every three months. 

Polishing your car is important because it protects your car’s exteriors and paints from environmental elements that could be the source of major problems and damage. Besides that, a waxed car allows grime and dust to wash off easily every car washing session. 


Owning a car is a huge responsibility, and you need to do more than wiping it down to ensure that it looks great all year round. When you get auto detailing at least twice a year by professionals, like Drip Detailing in Calgary, get your car washed twice a week, and get your car polished or waxed every three months, you’ll be zooming through the streets with a clean, good looking car, impressing every person who sees it!

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