No one likes placing their dog aka a mans best-friend in a cage in their trunk,

At Drip Auto Pros we are happy to share our best tricks and tips to clean, protect and prevent your vehicle from typical animal messes.

If you ever had to clean your car after a trip with your animals we are sure you understand the struggles of undoing the damage caused by your pets.

Their hair seems to stick to the vehicle in a unmatched manner, most vacuums can’t even pick up their hair,

It doesn’t stop there, the odours left behind from vomit or urine provide an even larger challenge,

The smells from these fluids can return within a few days if not removed correctly,

So what exactly can you do to help combat all of these challenges?

This guide was developed to provide the best solutions for cleaning the interior of your vehicle with animals, for a full interior detail guide click here.

For an in-depth stain and odour removal check out or in-depth guide to destroy any stains and smells.

This article will be broken up into three categories, how to clean after animals, how to protect your vehicle from your pets and how to prevent it all from happening again.

Use this and the following guides to ensure your car has a complete professional car detail

How Can I Clean After My Pets

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to clean up after your pets,

Initially you think it will be as simple as vacuuming and spraying some air freshener in your car but we can guarantee it’s not that simple.

Dealing with pet hair on leather and vinyl interiors isn’t too bad but if you ever have to remove pet hair from cloth interior your in for a challenge,

Typical pet hair won’t come off with a vacuum so we generally recommend using a strong lint roller or a dog lint roller (Its a real thing, google it)

Another great solution is to use a shampooing machine, you will be able to soak the hair so its easier to suck up with a wet vacuum, 

Shampoo machines combined with quality solutions will also help you remove any stains and odours caused by anything your pet excreted.

Wow, That Was Hard. How Can We Prevent It From Happening Again

After you complete your cars first make over we are positive that you’d never want to clean dog hair from your car ever again!

So what are some effective steps to take to prevent this from happening again?

To protect your seats from animal hairs or fluids we recommend purchasing plastic seat covers,

Cloth covers are also an option but will only protect against pet hair and will be a hassle to clean unless they can be thrown in the laundry.

Protecting the carpet of your car can be done by purchasing some weather tech mats, animals don’t general wipe their feet before jumping in your car,

By purchasing quality plastic matts fitted for your car will allow you to skip over constant shampooing to remove urine, mud and feces from your carpet.

An often overlooked area in cars to protect from animals is vinyl, siding and glass. Animals tend to drool, urinate and push their noses up to all these surfaces,

Hydrophobic coatings such as ceramic pro can help reduce the need to detail the interior of your car.

You can also opt to get these coatings applied to your vehicles seats as it will look much better than having plastic covers draped over your seats.

How Can I Protect My Car?

Drip Auto Pros doesn’t believe in lying to any customers, that is why we are going to be completely honest when we say this,

There is no method guaranteed to protect your car, using the listed methods all together is your best course of action.

But if you choose to drive with your pet in comfort this is the price you can expect to pay.

Combining hydrophobic coatings such as ceramic pro and Glassparency along with premium floor matts is our preferential method.

If you need any help with detailing the interior of your car or removing any stains and smells feel free to give us a shout or dive into our guides to learn how to do an entire detail on your car.