Polishing a car can bring many benefits to your car, the main benefits being a great new look and the prevention of discolouration from contaminants and powerful sun rays. 

When polishing your car it is recommended to have some experience or learn from someone, ensuring you also have the correct tools and materials to complete the detail is also highly recommended.  If you don’t know the correct tools you can always contact your local mobile car detailing Calgary to point you in the right direction or simply conduct a survey of your car and decide for yourself.

Be sure to only follow the right steps and only use the correct tools to prevent any damage onto your car, it can be very easy to make a small mistake which can require ten times the time and effort to remove it. 

Drip Auto Pros is always more than happy to lend a hand whether you simply need some advice on how and what to do or if you would like to come in for a complete auto detail which can include a in-depth paint correction! So what goes into our waxing which makes It stand apart and how can you replicate these steps at home?

Wash Your Cars Body

Completing a thorough wash on your cars exterior will help you ensure that any dust, debris or other contaminants are removed from the surface. The car wash should be completed in a closed off or shaded area in order to prevent more contaminants from attacking your paint as well as in order to prevent the cars surface form drying too quickly.

When you choose an expert for your car wash they will do an evaluation of your cars condition and troublesome areas before beginning the wash. Is there a ton of dirt in the tire wells, are your windows all closed and is there any rough contaminants that need more attention on the body of the car. These are all some great areas to look out for if you are completing the wash yourself.

The colour of your car will decide which chemicals and pads will be sued on your car. If your car has a sleek darker colour then our professional detailers will use softer compounds and polishing pads because they are better for preventing swirl marks. If your car rocks a clean lighter colour than harsher compounds and tools will be used to get the desired shine out of your car. Deciding on the right pads and compounds will help prevent the creation of new scratches or swirl marks.

Polishing Your Automobiles Exterior

After the complete car wash on your car has been completed to remove all the contaminants on your car we grab an orbital polisher and begin polishing your car. The orbital polishing machine is equipped with the right pad and polishing compound for your cars exterior.

We focus on small sections at a time so we don’t get overwhelmed and forget about areas. To begin we set the polisher to a consistent speed, apply constant force and keep the polisher parallel to the car in order to prevent any dreaded scratches or swirl marks. A simple and easy movement to use when doing this is to go back and forth.

It should come as no surprise that polishing pads can become dirty, bogged up with compounds and much more. That is why after we complete the polishing of each section we wash the foam pad thoroughly or use a new pad. After the pad has been washed or replaced we put it back on the polisher and continue on with the treatment.

Being cheap on equipment or rushing the process can cause severe damage to your cars paint, it can sometimes even be irreversible damage. We highly recommend only buying quality chemicals and tools when polishing your car and giving it the time and attention it deserves, if you are unable to do so you should contact a professional detailer to complete the job for you.

For some video guidance on how to polish your car we recommend watching the video down below, it can teach you the basics but it would be wise to choose a professional to complete the process so you do not damage your car.

Wash Your Car, Again…

Detailing and maintaining your car is a time and skill intensive process, that is why detailers have their jobs. For the next step you are going to complete another wash on your car in order to rinse off any left over compound or contaminants that could have attached. After the wash is completed you want to ensure the correct ways of drying have been implemented. 

To learn more on the best ways to wash and dry your car you can visit our complete detailing guide, this guide will cover all the bases to a total car detail as well as the best methods on washing a car. 

Time To Apply The Wax

The final step to make your car shine and look great is to apply some wax onto your car. A coat of wax is applied onto your paint in order to fill in and cover up any previous scratches, swirl marks and imperfections on your car. 

Applying wax can be done by hand but a professional detailer will use an orbital waxer with a soft pad. You want to follow the similar steps as polishing your car, apply steady force and remain parallel with the car.

Following the instructions on the back of your bottle will also help you to do this process quickly and stress free knowing you won’t cause further damage to your car. 

Performing all these steps is essential in order to give your car a complete shine, it can be very important to also perform this entire process in the shade so no chemicals dry on the hot body of your car. If you have any questions you can always message us or book a detail with our Calgary detailing team by clicking here.