Many car enthusiasts look forward to work on the aesthetic of their car as soon as they can, we can all admit that it can feel great to look back at your car and feel the pride of having a clean, detailed and most importantly fresh looking car. New trends can come and go but the trend of fitting your car with some high quality aftermarket wheels and powder coating them has always been relevant, plasti dips and other solutions come and go but powder coating your wheels remains at the top.

If you are here to learn more about powder coating, how it works and where you can get powder coating in Calgary you have come to the right place. Drip Auto Pros is a one stop shop for all your car detailing needs and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, for now however lets focus on what powder coating is, how it works and why you should do it!

How Does Powder Coating Rims Work?

Powder Coating your rims in Calgary can provide many benefits including the aesthetic appeal you are most likely looking for. Applying some quality powder coating will help increase your vehicles value, appearance and surprisingly bring up its safety, your probably wondering how it does this?

When a professional car detailing Calgary company powder coats your rims they will first begin by evaluating if your wheels can be coated, like everything in detailing it should always begin with a thorough evaluation. Once the wheels have been evaluated, they will be sandblasted and prepared for the powder coating process. A single layer of coloured powder will be applied onto your rims with an electrostatic gun, then the rims will be baked at 150 degrees Celsius (300 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to create a visually appealing highly strengthened surface.

The temperature they are baked at is not hot enough to compromise the integrity of the wheels, most companies will offer you some form of warranty to give yo some peace of mind. It is smart to keep in mind that plastics and rubbers such as tyres cannot be baked as they will melt from the hot temperatures.

Benefits Of Powder Coating Rims In Calgary?

The perks and benefits powder coating brings far surpass any of its rivals when looking at rim painting. When powder coatings are compared to regular painted rims they provide greater rim protection, durability and better resistance day by day thanks to it being baked on. You can worry far less about chips, fading, scratches and regular wear and tear, unlike regular paint powder coating should not be susceptible to these issues when applied correctly, if you’d like to add a second layer of protection get ceramic pro applied onto your rims as well. Powder coating also generally costs the same amount as rim painting, so for us it is definitely a no brainer because you are getting added durability, a better shine and some warranty for the same price!

Ok, so powder coating holds up very well when compared to traditional rim painting but how does it compare to its cheaper options if you are on a budget? The standard goto option to paint your rims on a budget is plastidip, this product became incredibly famous for a little bit but soon became a less popular option over time. Plastidip gained a bad reputation because it lacked the lustre that powder coating provides, you can opt in to get gloss plastidip but it doesn’t compare well with powder coating. Compared to powder coating plastidip also does not last as long, it can last up to three years when applied correctly but will not share the same durable properties as powder coating. Powder coating in Calgary can make a huge impact especially with our tough weather. While we can’t educate you completely on plastidip we attached a video for you to gain some more insight to make a decision by yourself

PS. Powder coating also tends to be one of the most environmentally friendly rim colouring substance on the market.

Before You Powder Coat Your Rims…

Before you powder coat your rims reach out to your detailer so they can assess your rims and see if its even possible. It can also be worthwhile to choose the colours you’d like your rims to be coated in as they may need to be ordered in, colours also cannot generally be mixed so aim to find one colour that works for you. Depending on exactly what your looking for we may also need to apply some custom solutions on your rims.

Maintain Clean Detailed Rims

If you have damaged, unclean or grimy rims it will only prolong the powder coating process. Continuing to have the same destructive habits in the future will only contribute to the wear and tear of your freshly powder coated rims. Follow our complete car detailing guide if you need some guidance on how you can maintain not only your rims but your car throughout the year.

Is Powder Coating Worth It?

For us at Drip Auto Pros we strongly believe powder coating is the best option when looking at customizing or changing the colour of your rims, it not only benefits you with appearance but also strengthens and increases the durability of the rims. The benefits are very similar to window tinting. In terms of pricing it costs nearly as much as traditional rim painting and is more expensive than plastids but has much more benefits. We would powder coat our rims, why shouldn’t you?

Taking the time to follow these steps can help you anticipate the troubles to come and avoid any troubles while the job takes place. If you have any questions you can always shoot Drip Auto Pros a message and we would be more than happy to help you. If you are looking for a Calgary NE Detailing company or Calgary semi-truck detailing to powder coat your rims you can call us at 403-585-9827 or shoot us an email at