Car cleaning is part of everybody’s daily life, 

Our vehicles can become some of our most loved possessions, we all want to keep our cars looking tip top.

Using the right equipment when detailing your car is essential to making the process easier while also improving the health and life span of your car.

Auto detailing Calgary services are prevalent but be sure to check in with your detailer or make sure they are only using the best products and learn how to screen for the right car detailing products yourself.

This blog was written with the car enthusiast in mind because they are always looking to take their cars to another level, so how can premium tools and equipment benefit your ride and where can you get some?

How Premium Detailing Products Benefit Your Car

Premium detailing products won’t just make your car look good temporarily, 

Instead they will help you restore your vehicle to make it look brand new again.

A simple car wash cannot compare to a professional Calgary car detail done with hand tools, 

Using hand tools allows our auto detailers to get hard to reach areas and really impact them. 

It is very challenging for an automatic car wash to remove dirt, grime and other tough contaminants.

Choosing appropriate chemicals should come as a no brainer but not many people pre screen the chemicals they buy.

When you pick the right chemicals for your interior/exterior your are not only protecting your car from accidental damage but will detail cars much faster using the right chemicals.

The same goes for choosing the right tools when working on your car, there is no benefit of cheaping out when it comes to purchasing tools,

Be smart to only use the best products on your vehicle for a deep and lasting clean, you also want to follow the instructions provided with the product to ensure you will use them appropriately and prevent any damage to your car.

How Can I Choose The Right Detailing Chemicals

This process is one of the most simple to follow and will help you reap the most benefits,

Begin by taking a look over your car and deciding which areas require the most love, 

How is your interior looking, are the seats stained, are the windows covered in permanent fog to is the paint rough to the touch?

All of these are factors that will help you recognize what detailing chemicals you car needs.

Evaluating your cars condition can be challenging, especially for the first time, if you need some guidance on how to do a complete evaluation on your car we have you covered.

For an in-depth guide on how to evaluate your cars condition you can visit our previous post by clicking HERE

After a thorough evaluation of your car, you can begin to go out and purchase the chemicals you need, 

Our Professional Calgary Detailers believe in keeping things simple when it comes to purchasing auto detailing tools and chemicals, 

Diagnose your issue, find the product and read the label to ensure you can use it on the surface in question. Be sure to follow the instructions to a T and not to overuse any chemicals.

Choosing The Right Tools

Using the right tools coupled with the right chemicals can increase your productivity unlike you’ve ever imagined.

Tools can be expensive but if you buy quality tools you will be sure to save money over and the time you will save will make them worth it. 

Lets start with some of the tool basics,

Investing in a quality pressure washer which offers the features to wash in both hot and cold water, variable water flow and customizable pressure can speed up your car washing time. 

We recommend taking a scan over this pressure washer guide when your in the market.

Now you’ve washed your car, how are you gonna dry your car? 

The most time and cost effective method is using microfibre towels, these towels will dry quilt and efficiently while not scratching your car. Be sure to remove the tag on these guys though!

Costco sells microfibres in bulk which is good because you should never use a dirty microfibre on your car. Heres a link to their bulk microfibre packages.

Stains on your seat aren’t so simple to remove, we recommend choosing a Calgary car detailing professional to help you with this,

If you still choose to do it yourself you can always rent a shampoo machine from your local hardware store or even pick up a small Bissell cleaner for just a couple hundred dollars. 

While a Bissell cleaner may not be able to tackle big jobs it can be great for simple tasks, home depot offers one for $139, visit their website to take a look at the mini steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners can also help you save time as well by helping you dislodge and remove dirt on vinyl, leather or the exterior of your car.  

These tools should cover most basic auto detailing issues but if you need further information you can always shoot us a message for a speedy response or watch this in-depth video on how to pick the right tools!

How Can I Start Car Detailing?

Once you’ve assembled the right tools getting started will be a breeze,

Before performing an auto detail on anyone else cars we always recommend you test the detailing tools on your own vehicle to become familiar with the best settings and practices with them,

You can opt in and follow the instructions on the bottle and follow your standard car detailing routine or you can follow the steps in our complete detailing guide if you don’t know where to start.

Our guide will cover all the essentials, it will teach you how to evaluate the condition of your car and how to take the proper steps in order to clean your vehicle.

Be sure to follow the instructions with your chemicals and don’t hesitate to contact our professional Calgary detailing team if you do have any questions!.