If you care about the look of your car, need it to be presentable for a date or perhaps just need it to look clean for what your job entails we can almost guarantee that frequent detailing is something you probably dread doing. After a long week of work completing a car detail will just become another chore and is generally the hardest one because of the small awkward places you need to clean. We can all probably admit it isn’t fun to get all wet and soapy only to do a half decent job at detailing your car. 

There are many myths to be crushed about what professional detailers do in order to charge you a premium price for a Calgary car detailing package. These detailers not only use premium products but know exactly how to clean a car win order to help it remain Clea and live a longer life. Years of experience, expensive tools and expensive training is what sets our team at Drip Auto Pros apart from the crowd so follow along if you want to know why you should choose a professional Calgary car detailing company to help you clean your car or a Calgary fleet detailing company for your fleet/dealership.

Our Auto Detailers Wash With Laser Precision

A trend that we have often began to notice is that more and more people are trending towards choosing to complete an automatic car wash in preference to a hand car wash. People probably choose to do this because it can save them the time and energy, however these washes often miss key areas of your car as well as leave contaminants and chemicals on your car. We are sure you have had an experience in the past in which you were frustrated at why soap was left on your car or for some reason a new scratch appeared but you couldn’t prove it was the automatic car wash.

When you choose a Calgary car cleaning company that completes hand car washes on your vehicles we are sure you will see a difference in the eye for detail. Our team begins by breaking down your car and seeing troublesome areas then deciding exactly what is the best chemicals and procedure to operate on your car. A quick pressure wash is done to remove surface level contaminants then it is followed by a thorough hand car wash, our car wash steps can be found here by visiting our complete detailing guide. Once both these washes have been completed our team does a thorough hand dry of your car using microfibres and continuously swapping them out. Once this has all been completed out detailers will do another round of your car to ensure nothing has been missed and that your car is up to standard and ready to go.

Professional Car Detailers Don’t Make Mistakes

It’s very common that our customers will bring in cars to our team that will be covered in swirl marks, deep scratches and have other cosmetic issues. Generally these issues are caused by our customers or amateur detailers not knowing what to do when they are initially working on their cars. 

"side of a truck that is covered in swirl marks caused by bad car washing techniques"

Car washes Calgary

Swirl marks like the one in the above picture can be caused by several factors such as use of incorrect tools and bad drying techniques. You can avoid this by switching out your microfibres when they become dirty because the contaminants from the dirty microfibre can rub against your cars exterior and cause micro scratches. You can make your microfibre even more scratch proof by removing the tag on it as this tag can also damage the paint of your car. Keep in mind the exterior of your car is much more sensitive than you think. 

Professional detailers also prep your car before beginning a through car wash as well, like we mentioned previously our team will perform an audit of your car and a pressure wash in order to remove any surface level debris and contaminants. Many amateurs will wash their cars and skip over this step and it can lead to the contaminants being rubbed into your car when you use a wash mitt, this is where many surface level scratches actually arise from. 

Our Car Cleaning Team Is Proficient With Chemicals And Machinery

The chemicals our team uses are not available to the general public and this is for a good reason, we use incredibly powerful chemicals that when used incorrectly can damage your car permanently. That is why we have invested into training programs for our team to know exactly how to use these chemicals to get the best car detail for your vehicle. Using these powerful chemicals also allows us to focus on trouble some areas that chemicals available to the general public would have a hard time dealing with. 

Our auto detailing team is also proficient in the use of the heavy duty equipment that we use when we detail your car. They follow a similar training process to use the machinery as they do with the chemicals to ensure your car is reaping the best car detailing benefits with no risk to your car. Amateur car detailers generally cause the most damage to your car the. Using the wrong materials because it takes time and experience to use the right methods when detailing you car. 

So Should You Detail Cars Yourself Or Not?

Our team at Drip Auto Pros has seen too many disaster scenarios to recommend you complete a thorough car wash or car detail from home.If you do choose to complete a car cleaning by yourself you can visit our detailed car cleaning guide, however choosing a professional Calgary car detailing company can save you many headaches, time and [provide your car with an unrivalled protection in the long run. If you have any questions or would like to book a detail you can shoot us an email at dripdetailing@gmail.com or call us at 403-585-9827.