"wiping the centre console of a car with a microfibre cloth"

Cars by no means are cheap, driving your car around is probably one of the more expensive modes of transportations. Keeping your car looking clean is actually relatively cheap when compared to the cost of the damage that can be caused if this is left ignored.

Most car enthusiasts like to get car detailing done on their cars more for the aesthetic appeal rather than the long term benefits it brings but lucky for them this is good for them regardless.

In Calgary and all over the world there are several companies which are detailing professionals and will help you keep your car looking and smelling great. Whether its a simple wax, shampoo or wash all of these can be done to keep your car looking great.

We know as a car owner it can hurt your heart when you see your interior stained, scratched or cracking and that is why we always stress the importance of a good interior detail. At Drip Auto Pros we ensure your car is dealt when the utmost care and only the best products are used when detailing your car. This blog post will only focus on the importance of cleaning interiors but if you are looking to learn more about detailing you can read our detailing guide which covers all the main areas, click here to learn more.

Why Interior Detailing Is Very Important

You sit in your car for more hours than you can probably count and lets be honest you probably feel more at home in your car than you do at home…

Because your car is essentially your second home you probably treat it just like your home without all that weekend cleaning. This leads to your cars interior becoming dirty, stained and incredibly messy. 

Detailing your cars interior benefits you because you sit in it every day and it avoids you looking like a slob to everyone around you. When you perform regular details it also helps keep you healthier, it can be good breathing in all the dirt and other things rotting in your back seat nor is it good to have bacteria lingering all over your car.

For many car owners detailing their cars is a nuisance and that Is why it is best to choose a local detailing company to help lend a hand or to read this guide to the end for the quickest interior detailing guide. While this guide will help you do a quick interior detail you should still complete thorough details to your entire car each quarter.

Steps To A Quick Interior Detail

1. Remove All Garbage

Removing all the excess gunk and garbage is the first step. Take a look in the back seat of your car and other areas to find items that need to be removed right away, you can probably find candy wrappers, papers and sometimes even left over food every where.  

Also be sure to keep an eye out for areas where garbage could be hiding like under the seat, we are sure you’d be surprised about how much is really hiding under there. We have found chargers, change and sometimes even phones under seats, what’s hiding under yours?

2. Thorough Interior Vacuum

Vacuum hard and vacuum well. When vacuuming be sure to really get into your seat and to pick up all dirt and debris. Be sure to remove your matts and again look under your seats to get all the areas that you could have missed, using a vacuum with several attachments is recommended to also help reach all areas. The general rule when detailing cars is to start from the top and work your way to the bottom, this stays true when interior detailing because any dirt or debris that are knocked off from the top will fall to the bottom.

3. Time For Chemical Application

Get your chemicals out and conduct a thorough clean. We recommend using several cleaners instead of just one “all purpose cleaner”. Using an all purpose cleaner can damage your interior as well as actually cause damage to the surfaces of your car.

Look over your car and see what areas need what chemicals, buy those chemicals and follow the instructions on the back when applying. Be sure not to over use chemicals and to with out microfibres. when you see they have become dirty in order to prevent the spreading of dirt.

Spraying chemicals onto the microfibre instead of directly onto the interior is a pro tip to avoid the use excess chemicals and damaging your interior. You may use more clothes but that’s much better than having to repair your interior.

4. Touch Ups and Minor Details

The final step of a quick interior detail is to do touchups, take a quick look and see areas that need some more vacuuming or more applicants applied onto them. Do some areas of your car stink? Maybe you need the interior to be shampooed. If your interior is still wet from the chemicals take a dry microfibre and dry it all up, leaving wet surfaces will lead to the car dirtying more quickly and the essential benefits of a detail being squashed.

Also take some time to look over your windows for stains, fingerprints or gasses that may have left a film, wipe these down with the appropriate glass cleaner.

This guide was assembled to make a quick interior detail that should be done at the bare minimum twice a month. A full interior detail should be completed once every quarter along with a complete detail like the one listed out in our complete detailing guide available here.

If you did have the chance to run through this article we always recommend watching this YouTube video to learn more about how to do a quick interior detail, while you won’t become a professional by doing so you can learn the basic skills.

Never hesitate to shoot us with an email if you have any question because we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best support from any Calgary car detailing company. We also provide RV Detailing Calgary.