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The environment isnt getting any better and with our carbon footprints growing day by day its becoming much more of a challenge to repair the damage we cause to the environment on a day to day factor. Projects such as earth day help a little and companies like Tesla can provide long term value but what can we do to help reduce our impact on the environment right now?

Choosing to find ways to help your car reduce its gas consumption is something everyone can opt in to do, not only will this save natural resources as we only have a limited amount but It will also allow us to keep the planet in the best possible condition. Have you ever heard the quote “The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago and the second best time is now” this is an excellent example that illustrates that in order to conserve energy and resources you should have began earlier or you should begin today.

Our goal was to write this blog in order to help reduce our impact on the environment and to show all our visitors how easily it can be done.

1. Accelerate Steadily And Gently

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that driving fast means your vehicle will consume more gasoline and impact the environment much more, but did you know accelerated aggressively even if you’re within the speed limit harms the environment as well?

When you aggressively accelerate your car you’re generally coming to quick starts and stops, in this scenario your vehicle is burning much more fuel compared to if it were to accelerate slowly and steadily. Choosing to accelerate steadily can help you save money as your not buying much gas, reduce the wear on parts on your vehicle and help keep our environment in  better condition.

2. Use Your Brakes Carefully

If you follow step one and decide to accelerate steadily your need for braking hard should go down significantly. Braking at the right times can reduce the amount of times you need to press down on the brake pedal and will significantly reduce the fuel usage of your car as you won’t be constantly slowing down then accelerating.

You can conserve your cars gasoline by maintaining a safe distance with the car informant of you so your not braking each and every time they slow down, this will also allow you to see the lights that are coming so you can slow down by allowing your car to roll instead of braking hard. Braking frequently will put significant wear and tear on your car and the environment, follow these steps to increase the lifespan of your brake pads and your gasoline.

3. Stop Idling Your Cars Engine When Your Not Driving

You may have heard that provinces and states across North America have started to put out bans and will ticket you if you allow your car to idle too long. A previous myth used to be that starting your car actually required more fuel than if you allowed it to idle, this may have been true in the past. but as of now many cars can turn on very efficiently without the need of a ton of fuel.

When you choose to leave your engine on and idling its a guarantee that you are wasting fuel while also impacting the environment heavily, just imagine how much fuel 5 minutes of idling each day comes to waste. You are directly responsible for your impact on the environment so evaluate your situation and decide to turn your car off if you know you are going to be parked in an area for a long amount of time. This will help you reduce the amount of fuel you waste along with reduce the harmful contaminants you release to the atmosphere.

4. What Condition Are Your Tyres In?

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Maintain Your Tyres

Calgarians need to change their car tyres out twice each year because of the seasons our cars have to face, these seasons are often unforgiving to our cars and can damage our rims and tyres. It can be easy to fall behind and overlook the small aspects of our cars that can affect our safety and fuel consumption.

Damaged rims and under-inflated tyres are some of the more common issues we find on our customers cars when they come into our Calgary NE car detailing location. Driving on the road with damaged rims and under-inflated tyres can lead them to wear out much faster and increase fuel consumption because it becomes more challenging on your car to drive. Our Calgary Auto Detailing team will help you by checking over these areas each time you come in for a detail, we have a 6 point safety checklist we perform on all our customers cars.

5. Use The Correct Parts On Your Car

Something that we find crazy is that many of our customers will choose to our parts on their cars that aren’t made for them, cars are expensive and adding the wrong parts onto them can lead to expensive repairs and significantly reduce the efficiency of your car.

A common thing we see is our customers fitting the wrong sized tyres or rims onto their cars, sure you gain a slight aesthetic appeal but this can significantly damage your mechanical parts along with your wheel wells. There parts also weren’t made for your car so you’re going to see an increase in fuel consumption because your car will need to work harder for the modifications you’ve made. When modifying your car always look for parts made for your cars specific year and make.

6. Perform Regular Engine Maintenance

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Calgary oil changes

Your engine is the most important part of your car, it moves your car form point A to B and without it your car is essentially just a giant piece of metal. Overlooking any maintenance aspect on your car can lead you to expensive repairs and a huge increase in fuel consumption.

Performing regular oil changes, air filter swaps, fluid checks and general maintenance can help you avoid all the headaches and expenses of an under maintained car. Ask our car detailing Calgary team to help look over some areas of your engine or follow our 6 step car maintenance guide to take a look for yourself.

7. Get Details From Calgary Car Detailing Professionals

When our team drives around to perform mobile details we often see many individuals in the neighbourhood performing their own details, it is horrific to see the lack of efficiency and all the chemicals they allow to go down the drain.

When you choose to visit a professional Calgary auto detailing company we have our methods pat down and use chemicals in the right way or environmental friendly chemicals on your cars to protect our planet. Choosing to visit Drip Detailing will save you time, money, raise the standard for your car and most importantly protect our planet.

Are You Ready To Save The Environment?

These following tips will help you ensure that your car is efficient, safe and less harmful to the environment. They are very easy to follow and Drip Detailing and our car detailing team is more than happy to lend a hand if you ever need one, give us a call at 403-585-9827 or email us at dripdetailing@gmail.com if you have any questions.