Freshly cleaned car sitting on a road in the spring.

Spring Car Detailing, Do Calgarians need a spring detail?

When the snow in Calgary starts to melt every car enthusiast in the city gets the sudden urge to clean up their car. 

Whether you want to maintain resale value or just leave your car looking great a car detail is a great option.

A complete detail will help keep the interior, exterior, engine and all other areas of the cars looking great but will also add protection to your ride. 

Many Calgarians will do their own spring cleaning on their car but after a few times they tend to chose auto detailers to save time and get a thorough clean that provides the best protection to your car.

Spring cleaning is generally done to prepare cars for the summer, there are benefits to the look as well as increasing the longevity of your car.

Benefits of Spring Auto Detailing

  1. Protect the interior from being sun damaged by applying the appropriate coatings for leather or vinyl. (Be sure not to overuse chemicals as this can damage your vehicle.)
  2. It should come as no surprise that we use salt on our roads in order to help clear snow. Removing any salt that remains on your vehicle is essential to prevent rust from forming on your car. Salt doesn’t stop there, it can get inside your vehicle and stain the interior as well, this too can be reversed by following the correct stain removal steps.
  3. Waxing your vehicle twice per year is highly recommend in order to prevent the paint from being oxidized or attacked by any contaminants. When you get your car detailed from drip auto pros we are sure to provide sufficient wax onto your vehicle to protect the paint from the intense summer sun.
  4. Applying Ceramic Pro, PPF or even clay barring and waxing can help you prepare for or protect against bugs that may attack your car. These little insects can cause damage to your paint and can be quite the nuisance to remove. The solutions mentioned above will make it harder for these bugs to stick but also make them easier to remove.

Spring Detailing, Should I Do It?

For us at drip auto pros a spring detailing is essential for all Calgarians. 

An auto detail will make it easier to maintain a clean car, protect it from contaminants in the future as well as help remove troublesome elements from the harsh winter season.

The process can take 3-5 hours from both a professional and amateur depending on the work needed but the benefits will surpass any time or monetary commitment. This is due to the knowledge an expert will have but also their top notch detailing equipment

This video can help explain and guide you through a simple process f you want to complete the car detailing at your home,

Why You Should Choose A Professional Detailing Company

Choosing a professional Calgary car detailer all not only help you save your time, money but you can trust we know how to hit the right spots. 

Protecting the environment is also essential when auto detailing, when you choose drip auto pros we dispose of chemicals the right way and minimize water usage as well. 

Typical at home car washes also involve hand washing which can lead to damaging and scratching the cars paint, Drip auto pros ensures to use techniques that will keep your vehicle safe.