car seat stain removal

Car seats are prone to destruction, with the amount of time we spend in them we essentially live in them.

Its only a matter of time before you stain or spill something on them, these mistakes are easily made but hard to reverse.

Whether you need help removing a stain your pets made or you need to remove a weird odour from your car,

We are here to guide you through the process.

If you have ever cleaned your rims and tyres before the process is quite similar, 

You will apply the chemicals onto the seat, scrub and agitate then wash away (Shampoo in this case).

This guide is only meant to be used for odour and stain removal for cars, removing stains is just one of the benefits of car detailing.

Products For Stain and Odour Removal

Depending on the interior of your car and the type of stain several different products can be used,

Drip Auto Pros strongly advises against using household products or mixing and matching products.

When you don’t use the right products you can permanently damage your interior, 

Before you make any decision be sure to check the solution will work correctly.

At Drip we personally use a fabric cleaner, fabric brush, steam cleaning machine and a shampoo machine for stain removal.

Odour removal tools can vary (Certain odours such as smoke require different products), we usually recommend figuring out what odour your trying to remove and purchasing a product made for it specifically.

There are several DIY methods online which recommend the use of vinegar, window cleaner and many more house hold substances,

We would never use these on customer cars or on our personal cars and we recommend you guys do the same.

Stain Removal Steps

Stain removal is not as complicated as most believe it to be. When done correctly It can be broken down into five steps.

Step one: Spray the fabric cleaner directly onto the stain, be sure not to over soak the stain because using too much chemical can leave your seats soaked and it can also damage the seats.

Step Two: Agitate the fabric cleaner with a fabric brush. Before using the brush ensure it Is clean and not covered in any other chemical residue. Agitate the stain well but don’t be too rough because you do not want to rip the seat.

Step Three: Apply direct steam using a steaming machine or shampooing machine. Trust your gut when applying steam to know when to stop, if you over apply the product your seats may soak it all up and end up smell like mildew.

Step Four: Suck up all the solutions and liquids using a shampoo machine, if the stain remains spray some shampoo (Ensure that the shampoo is safe for the seats) and suck it all back up again. Go over the stain a few times with the vacuum to dry it as well as you can.

Step Five: Roll the windows down and provide good ventilation to allow the seats to dry. If you shampoo your car seats in the winter having a heater handy to help your seats dry is highly beneficial. 

Preventing Stains In The Future

Removing stains from your car can be an expensive and time consuming process, 

Preventing this from happening in the future is an investment in your car and can help you stress less about your car while enjoying it more,

Applying hydrophobic coatings to your interior such as ceramic pro can help you avoid liquids seeping inside your seats which leads to stains and odours,

If you cant prevent your stains and do not want to remove them yourself you can always come in house and get a Calgary interior detail

You Forgot About Odour Removal!

Removing odours is a simple process, 

You want to begin by trying to figure out what the cause of your odour is,

Was it some urine from a pet, did you spill some beverage or is it a mystery odour?

If you know what is causing the smell you are years ahead of the game, if you do not then we recommend looking into and purchasing the Meguiar’s Air Re-fresher.

Once you get the narrowed down product you need we recommend steam cleaning your seats and carpets with the product,

Follow the exact same methods as stain removal but instead do your entire interior to guarantee a fresh scent.

No More Stained or Stinky Car

This guide to help you remove stains from your car should leave your vehicles interior spotless, 

Removing Odours from your car should be a breeze as well if you follow the instructions we laid out.

If your an expert at cleaning rims and tyres you can note how similar the process of removing stains from cars is. 

Your cars interior may be stain free and smell much better but may need some extra love from the damage your pets caused or may need a complete detail, Check out our resources for more information.