Have you ever taken a good look over your cars paint?

We can almost guarantee that your car will have some swirl marks, they will look something like this.

These marks are easily seen on most cars,

It can be a mystery how these micro scratches and swirl marks appeared on your vehicle but they are so easily caused that you may have done the damage by accident.

How Are Swirl Marks Caused?

Swirl marks are typically caused by using a dirty or dry towel on your car, this Is usually the main cause but they can also be created by washing your car, using detailing tools incorrectly or even by your beloved automatic car wash! If you want to know the best way to wash your car check out our professional car washing guide

Thats not all that can cause them, check out the list below to see other common swirl mark culprits

  1. Using a dirty sponge/clothe on your car
  2. Not providing your car a thorough rinse before washing and drying
  3. Untrained individuals buffing your car incorrectly (Be sure to detail your car correctly)
  4. Application of harsh chemicals onto the car
  5. Wiping dust and grime off a dry vehicle
  6. Covering the vehicle while It is dirty
  7. Tags left on cloths while cleaning (The most overlooked cause)
Microfiber Scratch Removal

Microfiber Tips

To round all this up, any form of rubbing dirt and grime into your vehicle while its dry will cause swirl marks and other micro scratches. 

Most people believe that just using a microfibre towel or other soft towels will not scratch your cars paint,

While these types of towels are the best to use on your vehicle, they do not guarantee complete immunity to swirl marks on your car.

Understanding Swirl Marks

Dark vehicles typically show these scratches much more prevalently when compared to lighter coloured vehicles.

Darker coloured vehicles reflect light much better thus allowing the scratches to become easily seen.

This doesn’t mean your light coloured car is scratch free. Take a deep look at your light car and we are sure you will find it is in similar condition as darker cars.

When looking over your vehicle it will become evident that swirl marks are most commonly seen on flat surfaces. However on darker vehicles you may be able to see them on the entire car due to its reflective properties.

Lucky for your swirl marks can be easy to remove because they are not too deep within the clear coat.

Be sure when looking over your car to keep an eye out for deep scratches as they will add more steps to the process. 

How Can I Remove Swirl Marks From My Car

Polishing your paint is the best way to remove swirl marks from your car, there are many other quick “DIY” methods but they generally tend to be temporary solutions.

If you want to remove your swirl marks permanently we highly recommend polishing your vehicle and taking it to an expert detailer to prevent further damage.

The process of using these solutions can leave your car with a glass like finish but if done incorrectly you can scratch your paint even more, 

We use a 3M Perfect-It compound to remove swirl marks and deep scratches, this package comes with three different solutions and they are all meant to be used together.

Generally you want to follow the exact instructions provided with the chemicals, we follow the same instructions ourselves but have a different process we begin with,

We  begin by starting off with a great car wash and clay bar, this is done to remove any contaminants from getting stuck in the polishing pad and further damaging the paint.

If you feel uneasy providing a tip top car wash and clay bar we recommend seeking out a detailing professional as the process will only be more challenging once you follow the instructions provided with your 3M Perfect-It compound.

Not everyone knows how to remove swirl marks like a professional. You can come to our team for Calgary paint correction and you can rest knowing your ride will shine like new!

No More Swirl Marks Again

While many detailers mention their is no fool proof way to prevent swirl marks we beg to differ, 

PPF is perhaps the best solution to prevent these marks from damaging your paint. 

Swirl marks can still appear but our Paint Protection Film is self healing so when left in hot temperatures or in direct sunlight these marks will cease to exist.

Ceramic Pro coating is yet another excellent solution as it provides a thick layer of glass like surface to your car. 

This nano coating can still be scratched but when 9H coating is applied these scratches can be buffed away without removing your cars paint.

Applying either of these methods onto your car is tricky so it is always best to seek out a professional.