Statistics say that teenage drivers are the worst drivers on the road, while we are not going to argue with this we think they get more slack than they deserve.

They are rushing with hormones and it is their first time behind the wheels of a car, 

We can all do our part to minimize the dangers of teen driving by educating them properly on how to engage in safe driving habits. 

Educating teens on the right driving habits won’t only help us all stay safe but it will allow driving to be a lot more enjoyable for your loved ones,

So how can you educate your teen and what the 7 things all teenage drivers should be made aware of and how can we educate them?

1. Average Of 9 Teenagers are Killed By Accidents Each Day

On average roughly 9 teenagers are killed by accidents each and every day, 

Teens are 4 times more likely to get in motor vehicle collisions when compared to adults.

These crashes can often be avoided and are usually caused by simple mistakes such as not being aware of your surroundings, incorrect lane changes and not driving appropriately around road conditions. 

Teen drivers may be anxious and unaware of what to do when their car loses control or is placed in a dangerous situation, 

Experienced drivers generally know when to apply brakes and how to control their cars.

An excellent way to prepare your teen for driving is to actually allow your teen to take advantage of the learning license that can be available in your province or state.

2. The Least Safe Time Of Driving Is The First Year

The first year of driving for teenagers is the most unsafe time to be driving, 

This is because they may be antsy and are just beginning to get used to the act of driving their cars.

It is best to restrict your teen from driving with others in their cars because others can cause distractions when teens really need to focus during this learning curve.

This rule of driving alone should especially be enforced when driving conditions are bad or during extreme traffic times. The only other person in the car should be you with your teen during this time, be there to help them correct there mistakes.

I can recall when my brother just began driving, I can say without a doubt that he was the absolute worst driver I have ever sat in with.

My heart used to race when he wouldn’t look both ways before speeding down streets but if I wasn’t going to sit in with him and help correct him nobody was. Take time and have patience when helping your teen adjust to driving.

3. Choosing The Right Driving School

Choosing the right driving school can make all the difference in the quality of driver your teen becomes. 

Do your due diligence and find a school with tons of great reviews and preferably one tailored towards teenagers.

For many teens driving with a parent may be stressful, so when teenagers are given the opportunity to drive with another teacher they may gain more confidence and feel more comfortable driving.

I myself was unable to drive with my own parents, my dad and me could not stop arguing, it just wasn’t a good fit. If my Dad did not go and find the right driving instructor I probably wouldn’t be driving or detailing today.

5. Driving Is a Privilege Not a Right

Reminding your teen that driving is a privilege that can be taken away and not a right is very important. 

You want to ensure your teen will follow the rules you set out for them in order to help protect them and others on the road.

Many of our employees look back and recall when their parents set out strict guidelines to follow and if they were breached their vehicle was taken away.  

It shouldn’t matter if your teen has purchased their own car or insurance, their needs to be a mutual respect that you are looking out for them.

You may need to make these hard decisions but if it can save the life of your teen it shouldn’t matter.

6. Educate Teens On Drugs and Driving

Teens Driving under the influence seems to be a rising problem year over year. The normalization of drugs has also become a lot more common since marijuana is now legal.

Most teens drive under the influence since they don’t have other options to get home when they party, you’ve been in their shoes and we are sure you know exactly how hard it can be to pick up the phone and ask for help from a loved one in these types of situations, especially when your underage.

Partying is inevitable for teens, instead of applying all your energy to stop your teen from doing so your better off having a sincere talk with them.

This may be challenging but tell your teen if they ever drink or are under the influence that they can rely on you to be their ride,

Driving your teen home safe is a much better option than allowing your teen to drive under the influence which can hurt themselves or others on the road.

7. Maintain a Clean Car

Believe it or not, having a clean and well maintained car can help your teen avoid car issues and accidents. Having tree sap stuck to your car and windshield can make it extremely hard to see when you drive!

A good clean car can help avoid distractions and maintaining your cars headlights, windshield and easy to miss areas can make all the difference of having a safe car on the street.

We have heard many stories of when a cracked or dirty windshield has resulted in our clients getting into minor mishaps or into major accidents, why take this risk when you can clean your car or let Drip Auto Pros help detail your teenagers car and keep it in tip top shape!

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