Cars are beautiful, shiny marvels of engineering and technology that often cost a lot of money to be able to drive one out of the dealership. The issues we encounter after that moment are just far too many, and will often require regular and periodic maintenance, as well as proper care for both inside and outside to keep it in good shape. 

If you are wondering how to keep the car’s value at an all-time high and looking fresh, the top piece of advice any car detailing professional will tell you is to give it a good wash often. Washing your car is not done in only one way, as there are multiple techniques to give it that dealership shine. Here are some tips we have at Drip Detailing for your best car wash finish:

Handwashing Is Still King

For us, we believe that handwashing and detailing by hand is still the best and safest way to clean your car. With your hands, you can control the amount of force used to clean your car, as well as spot any defects and hard to reach dirt. While you can use the traditional rag and bucket that car owners have been using for years, you can also opt to use pressurized cannons that shoot out soap foam for a good coat of cleaning aid. 

While this may be a tasking job and might take up an entire morning or afternoon, you will be assured that your car’s paint will be looking its best and scratch-free. Make sure to use high-quality rags that will not scratch up the paint, and find a nice day to work on it where it won’t rain right after and waste all your efforts. 

Waterless Washing

Waterless washing utilizes a spray bottle type of product along with microfibre towels that will glide through the car’s surface like butter. Because handwashing uses up a lot of space and requires a lot of water, if you find yourself on the move and need a quick clean for dust and some grime, this method is the best for that. 

Nothing will beat the gunk-removing properties of a proper handwash, but using quality waterless wash products will help lubricate the surface. Be warned that if there are sharp microparticles on your paint, gliding past them with the rag will produce scratches that are, albeit minute, irritating to look at when viewed close up. 

Rinseless Washing

This hybrid between a waterless wash and a handwash requires the use of a rinseless wash product mixed into a bucket of water. Without suds, it will dry off clear and clean without rinsing it off. Once washed up, you can wipe it to dry it off without needing a full wash using water. Rinseless washes are best for those who are trying to conserve water and don’t want to risk scratching their paint as a waterless wash would do. 

This is normally faster to do than a handwash requires less water and equipment, and can be done with limited space. However, this is useless for large amounts of mud and dirt, as these can only be safely removed through a thorough handwash with the proper soap and water. 


Washing your car is a labour of love. Although it is intensive and requires a lot of time, your car will thank you for keeping it clean and will keep your car’s value steady. Remember that the environment around Canada is harsh during the winter seasons and summers, as these can cause a lot of dirt to cling onto your car and damage its paint. By being proactive with cleaning, you can keep the vehicle shining for long periods of time. 

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to manage car detailing, visit Drip Detailing in Calgary to give your car the pampering it needs to keep shining any time of the year. With over five years of serving the people of Calgary, our staff are trained to help you with keeping your car pristine from the harsh elements of Canadian weather.