Routine wear and tear can take its toll on vehicles, no matter how careful you are in using them. Commercially used vehicles, such as trucks, need to be maintained to ensure that they stay in good working condition. If you own a fleet of commercial trucks, you must find a good truck detailing provider to maintain your trucks for you.

There are many advantages to having a commercial truck detailing provider do the hard work for you. For example, if you own a whole fleet of trucks, you may be able to get a discount. On top of this, you can be sure that only truck detailing experts will handle your trucks. However, the key is finding a reliable truck detailing provider.

Do’s and Don’ts in Truck Detailing

Finding a truck company that provides truck detailing may seem difficult. Yet, if you know what to look for in a skilled detailing provider, you will be able to weed all the mediocre ones out quickly. Here is a list of the do’s and don’ts in the truck detailing industry:

The Do’s in Truck Detailing

1 – Inspect Their Tools

It is good to look at the set of tools they use. The quality of the tools typically reflects the quality of the services they will do for you and your fleet. This is why it is a good idea to take the time to visit each truck detailing provider you are considering, as it will also give you an idea of how they do their work and the quality of work they will provide you.

2 – Check For Reviews

You can also get a good idea of how qualified they are based on the reviews people leave for them online. While it may be customary for you to see a few negative reviews, if most of the reviews their previous clients have given them are positive, you can probably assume that their work has left most other customers satisfied.

3 – Check Them Out On Social Media

Looking them up on social media will allow you to see how they interact with their customers. If they engage well with their customers online, the chances are that they will listen and engage well with you as well, especially if you have any questions and inputs about how you want the job done.

4 – Consider Value Over Price

Remember, it is a much better option to pay a slightly higher price for good-quality work rather than to skimp on spending a little more and end up having sloppy work done.

5 – Ask If They Offer Environmentally-Friendly Services

You can imagine that detailing needs lots of water for the work to be done effectively. It is wise to ask if they have eco-friendly services that will not take its toll on the environment.

The Don’ts in Truck Detailing

1 – Base Your Decision On Ads

It is unwise to solely base your decision on the advertisements you see on TV or while browsing the web. Do your research about detailing providers and make an effort to see which one trumps the other.

2 – Go For The Lower Price Right Away

Don’t automatically go for the provider that offers a lower price. Sometimes, to get excellent quality, you have to part with a little more money. Keep in mind that the cheaper option is almost always never the better option.

3 – Pass The Work Onto Your Drivers

Your drivers should only drive; they do not have proper training and knowledge to detail the trucks as well. If you pass the detailing duties to your drivers, you may risk damaging the trucks because they have a different job description.


Finding an auto detailing provider will help you maintain your trucks and keep them looking good for longer. Investing in this type of maintenance is not only a want but a need as well. By considering the do’s and don’ts mentioned above, you’ll be able to find the best auto detailing provider for your fleet’s needs! 

Drip Detailing strives to ensure our clients leave with their expectations surpassed. We continuously exceed our clients’ expectations by only using eco-friendly and quality products with a backed track record. If you are looking for a reliable auto detailing service in Calgary, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!