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There are few things comparable to the feeling of being out on the ocean with the cool sea breeze blowing gently against your skin. Your boat or yacht is generally designed to resist rust and water damage, but the saltwater, the sun’s UV rays, and many other factors it is exposed to can slowly reduce the quality of your vessel’s exterior.

These elements can damage your vessel and reduce its lifespan, and they can also negatively affect its resale value. As such, it is important to invest in detailing for your yacht or boat to make sure it has several layers of protection.

In this article, we will go over the ins and outs of professional yacht and boat detailing, from how it works to its benefits. Read on if you are interested in protecting your boat from damage.

What happens the detailing entail?

There are plenty of things you could do to maintain your boat and prevent issues from happening, but it is nonetheless important to involve the professionals in the maintenance process. Some parts of regular detailing should be done as regularly as every month, and others can go longer in between. 

The process begins with pressurized cleaning and rinsing. A pressurized stream of water can wash away the salt and grime build up on the exterior of the vessel. This step should be done at least once a month.

The next step in the procedure involves deep cleaning, which is especially effective against more stubborn stains. You can use a specialized cleaning agent or detergent to wash the vessel in sections, rinsing as you clean the various areas of the boat or yacht. This type of soap is powerful enough to damage the exterior if left to dry, so remember to rinse it off almost immediately after. 

Deep cleaning is necessary when stains occur, but still should be done as regularly as possible. If the stains remain, you might need to use a buffer. A rotary buffer will remove the stain using friction. 

Finally, you can apply a coat of shiny wax to the exterior of a boat. Waxing is one of the steps in professional boat and yacht detailing that can go longer in between. However, if any part of the boat is exposed to a rotary buffer, it will have to be rewaxed, as the buffer also removes the wax. 

You may also clean and maintain the interior of your boat, depending on the depth of cleaning you desire. 

What are the advantages of regular detailing?

Some of the most important benefits of regular professional boat and yacht detailing are:

  • It maintains the market value of the vessel
  • It extends the lifespan of the vessel
  • It lets you identify and fix any damage that is not solvable by detailing
  • It can keep your vessel nice and clean
  • It maximizes what you get out of owning a yacht

In conclusion

Like any vehicle, great care and attention must be paid to the maintenance of a yacht or boat to make sure that you get more value out of it. With the right professional detailing company, you may find yourself happier in a cleaner and more beautiful-looking vessel out on the sea.

If you’re looking for a Calgary-based yacht and boat detailing company, send us a message at Drip Detailing. We have the expertise and latest techniques to help you feel better in your vehicle.