One of the most common changes someone makes to their car is buying a nice set of tyres every year,

Our customers have spent anywhere from $1000 all the way up to $5000 plus on a quality set of tyres.

Keeping the tyres in good condition and looking well shined can be a difficult process to maintain,

By following our in depth system on how to detail we are positive that you will be able to maintain shined rims and tyres throughout the entire year. If you are looking for a guide to remove swirl marks we have blogs on that too!

With the help of Ceramic coating and Glassparency your details are also effortless so adding tire shine to your routine will be no hassle at all, 

The process when trying to get the best tire shine also goes hand in hand with cleaning the rims on your vehicle,

Who wouldn’t want their ride to have both shiny tires and rims?

In our guide we are going to answer some tire shine questions and provide some tricks and tips!

What Does Tire Shine Do?

If your reading this blog we are sure your a car fanatic and strive to keep your car looking great year round,

You probably already follow all the steps in our detailing guide but it still hasn’t answered your question.

Your probably wondering “How can I keep tires clean and shiny” or perhaps “What is the best tire shine”

After seeing your tires degrade, crack and even change colours your sick of buying a new pair every couple months.

Tyre shines are able to help you restore your tires back to the original shine they were in, maintain that same shine and protect your tyres form degrading down the road.

It can be that simple!

Does All Tire Shine Work The Same?

In short not all tire shine works the same way, they all provide different benefits based on exactly what your looking for,

Tyre shine can be broken up into two categories, 

Solvent Based Tire Shine

This type of tyre shine is typically used if you want high intensity glossy tyres, it is an ideal product if you are prepping a car for a car show,

Solvent based tire shine also tends to last much longer due to the way it bonds to tyres and is made, 

This type of tyre shine shares similar ingredients as water-based shines but is suspended in solvents instead of water when being manufactured,

It can be a little harder on the tyres but to cause any real damage to your tyres you would need use quite a bit of tire shine.

Water Based Tire Shine

Don’t wanna take any risks with your tires, water based shine is the best way to go then.

Generally water based tire shine consists of oils and polymers that are suspended in water,

You will not get the intense shine of solvent based products but a benefit to water based shiners is they can be applied several times without the fear of damaging your tyres.

Which Tire Shine Should You Use

We recommend using best tire shine that suits your needs, 

If your completing a full detail on your car and need that extra gloss then we recommend solvent based shines,

If you are just looking at maintaining your tire shines, its best to use waterbed because you can reapply freely without any worries.

How Do I Use Tyre Shine

Each tyre shine should come with instructions on how to use it correctly, before applying you also want to read any warnings on labels.

Typically there are two types of applications

  1. Spray Application: The benefit of using spray applications is that they take less time t apply, it can be hard to apply the chemicals evenly and you want to be careful not to spray chemicals onto your car. 
  2. Gel Application: If your looking to save some money but have some extra time on your hands, gel application is probably a good fir for you. With Gel application you are able to apply as much as you’d like and evenly apply the chemical.

When using either of these tyres shines your going to want to ensure that you follow these basic rules.

If you are still not sure how to use tyre shine you can drop by our Calgary detailing shop

Wash The Tyres Before Applying 

Even the best tire shines aren’t able to bond to dirty tires, the dirt and grime will prove to be a direct block for the shine.

We recommend following the steps in our detail g guide to wash your car and tyres before applying, 

Be sure to make sure the tyres are completely dry before applying the tire shine as water will also make It hard for most tire shines to bond.

Don’t Apply Tire Shine To Hot Tyres

Hot surfaces will make the bonding process difficult for the tyre shine,

A best practice is to feel the tyres to ensure they feel cool, it wouldn’t be wise to immediately apply the tire shine after a long drive or in direct sunlight.

Park the car in your garage or In the shade and allow it to sit before applying

Have Any Questions About Tire Shine?

Once you apply tire shine you will soon fall in love with how simple the process is and how much value it can bring, 

Your car is probably already looking great because you followed the ultimate detail guide, 

All that’s left is to continue the maintenance through all the seasons, 

Detailing your car is no problem thanks to our guides and it is all effortless thanks to the Glassparency and Ceramic Coating you’ve applied.

If you do have any questions or comments get in touch with us and we would be glad to help.