Now that the seasons have changed and winter has come, it will definitely bring all sorts of trouble for your car and various machines. With all the ice and snow on the roads, it can prove difficult—and possibly even dangerous—to travel, especially over long distances. 

The local authorities will soon be busy with their attempts at cleaning off the ice from the roads using ploughs and a mixture of salt and sand to help melt the snow and ice—which is a big deal, since the growth of ice on roads can make for a terribly slippery driving experience! Thankfully, the road cleansing can significantly lower the risks of any possible road accidents that might cause injuries, or worse, death.

The Dangers of Road Salt for Cars

Although the slipping issues might be somewhat resolved, salt usage on the roads brings entirely new problems for car owners. If a car undergoes long periods of exposure in the salt-covered roads, then rust can form. It can also cause micro-scratches on your car! Despite that, there are still some ways to prevent the growth of rust on your car.

Here are some methods you can take to protect your car from rust and damage this winter season:

Getting Your Car Waxed

To ensure that your car has decent protection from any external factors, the best time to begin is just before winter even starts. However, before getting a wax finish, you should begin with a thorough cleanup of your car. Your car’s bottom portion, in particular, is crucial, as it is the most susceptible to rust! After all that, you now have the freedom to apply a wax coat and finish with a wax sealant to make sure that it properly adheres to the car’s paint. 

If you’re done with the top surface of your car, then you should follow it up by sealing the underside. Ensure that you get both the brake lines and fuel lines since these are the most vulnerable to corrosion and rust. An issue from corroded brake and fuel lines makes it inevitable to get into an accident, as the components could tear off easily because of the rust. 

It is considered a good practice to clean and seal your car every three months properly.

Regularly Cleaning Your Car

Well, of course, you’ll be washing your car. However, it also matters how frequently you wash your car! You have to make sure to clean up your car whenever it gets a major muck-up. Washing is considered to be one of the best and consistent ways to fight rust and corrosion.

During the winter, make sure to use hot water to wash your car. You could easily make a mistake by cleaning your car with cold water—this could get your car frozen since having salt on the surface for a long period could affect the temperature and make it cool faster.

Fix Scratches As Soon As You Notice Them

Whenever you find any scratches on your car, you have to remedy it as soon as you can—the salty roads can very quickly make the scratched portion of your car turn into a very nasty rust crust. Although minor scratches can easily be buffed off, deeper scratches will require the help of a professional detailing service to remedy them.


These are all the preventive measures you can take to ensure that your car is as safe as it can get from road salt rust and damage. With constant vigilance, you can keep your car in top shape even through the harsh winter season. 

For the best results, it’s always best to rely on a professional’s opinion, especially with something as important as your car. If you’re looking for car cleaning and mobile detailing services in Calgary, Drip Detailing boasts over three years of experience, with a quickly growing team of experts in the detailing field to oversee the work. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!