What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your Car's Paint

The paint that covers a car has a challenging task ahead of it. We expect our car’s clear coat paint to seem sleek and bright, but it has a tough job because it’s continuously exposed to the elements (wind, sun, and rain).

Even more impressive is the fact that vehicle longevity is on the rise. As a result, the average age of a car on the road is now higher than it has ever been, at around 11.5 years. This is because of improvements to vehicle safety and dependability brought about by technological advancements. The longer a car spends out in the elements, the more its paint will fade.

Everywhere you go, drivers care about keeping their car’s paint job looking as good as it did the day they drove it off the lot. How about using the best soaps and products, using them regularly, swiftly removing animal droppings, parking in a shaded area, and applying a protective finish like ceramic paint coating, waxes, and polishes? or  Put on a car cover.

Knowing how to keep your automobile looking like new long after you’ve driven it off the lot is the key to enjoying its beauty for many miles down the road. To find out what you can do to preserve your car’s paint, read on.

1. Cover your car

When it comes to protecting the paint on your car, you may start with this step because it is the simplest. It’s recommended to use the car cover, whether parking in a public space or on the street. Your vehicle’s ceramic paint coating will be safe from unknow invaders who are out to destroy it. If you don’t drive your car for a long time and park it in a garage, you should still use a car cover to keep dust from getting on the paint.

2. Thoroughly clean it

To keep it looking good, you should give your automobile a thorough wash once a week. You should use a car shampoo to clean the exterior and interior, as well as the glass areas of the windshield and windows. If there are bird droppings on the automobile, you should make sure to wipe them off as soon as possible using water if they are there. Do not use normal, soapy water to clean your car. They are acidic and will eat away at the paint faster than anything else. 

3. Keep Dangerous Chemicals Far Away

You may believe that it is obvious what kinds of chemicals can cause damage to your vehicle, but there are some things that may surprise you.

For example, did you realize that coffee and soda can harm your paint? They will both swiftly start the corrosion process if they come into contact with the paint because of their high acidity levels. Therefore, you should avoid placing any drinks on top of your vehicle because they have the potential to spill and immediately cause a problem.

Another thing that may come as a complete surprise to you is silly string. Something like this might end up on your car because your kids were playing. However, the silly string is not at all safe to play with in any way. It is possible for it to leave a stain immediately, which will become more noticeable if it is left to dry. If your children do play with this item, you should make every effort to get your vehicle out of the way.

4. Consider Getting a Protective Ceramic Paint Coating

Paint protection for your vehicle is one of the most worthwhile purchases you can make. Keeping your vehicle in good condition requires a significant amount of work, but applying a protective ceramic paint coating doesn’t take up much of your time. When you use these protective films, things like gravel and bugs won’t be able to damage the surface of your car. But the best part is that if your car has some damage already, the film can help hide it so you don’t notice it as much. Putting a ceramic paint coating on your car will protect it from dents and scratches, bird droppings, tree sap, UV light, chemicals, and even spray paint. It creates a fresh, level surface by settling into any minor paint damage.

Because of this one simple product, your vehicle will not only appear nicer but also be significantly more protected.

Bottom Line

The only way to guarantee that your car will always look its best is to learn how to protect its paint. Things like leaving your coffee cup on your car or not washing your hands before getting in the car might cause major issues. However, by making a few easy adjustments, like applying a Ceramic paint coating and parking the car in the shade, you can extend the life of the paint and keep the automobile looking like new for much longer.

Starting with a ceramic paint Coating is the greatest way to protect your car’s paint. Get in touch with Drip Detailing immediately if you are in need of ceramic paint protection in Calgary. We can tell you all about the films we carry and how they can protect your car. Call us today!