GlassParency is an amazing cutting-edge piece of automotive detailing technology that ensures a constant clear view for a safe driving experience, especially during heavy rains. While window treatments that offered hydrophobic properties, these water-repellant coatings only last for a few weeks. Thanks to GlassParency technologies, this has become the benchmark for performance when it comes to long term results and even comes backed with a three-year warranty. Whether you go out for a drive on a sunny day or a rainy day, this is why treating your windows with a glass treatment procedure will be of great help:

What Is GlassParency?

If you’ve ever seen auto bodyworks that have water poured on the panels that then slide off effortlessly, this is called hydrophobia. The coating placed on the car’s bodyworks will cause the water to bead up and roll off, which is the same when GlassParency coatings are applied on the windows and windshield. The coat lasts for a time of roughly three years, which requires annual maintenance and rejuvenation to keep it going. This will ensure that water will just roll off your windshield when driving in the rain and will keep your vision of the road clear. 

Imagine driving fast down the highways of Canada and it starts to pour. Anyone who has experienced this will know that even the fastest wiper speeds will not wick away water fast enough for you to see what is in front. This can be dangerous for you, especially when going at faster speeds than usual with the risk of hydroplaning. By being aware of what is around you thanks to GlassParency auto detailing, you can view everything with extreme clarity and even dodge drivers that are unaware of their surroundings. 

GlassParency also works in the winter when a car splashes you with slush. This will make clearing it out easily using your wipers, which is an essential part of winter survival in Calgary or any part of Canada. This makes it easy to scrape frost off the windows during blizzards, as the coating on the glass will help it just slide off. 

Additionally, you will enjoy fewer dead bugs and debris stuck on your windshield when travelling out of town, which means fewer carwashes and clearing of gunk and goo. While mud may still stick onto the glass from driving in certain areas, washing them away with water or a power washer will just make it slide off easily. 

Applying it to all glass windows on your car or vehicle is a surefire way to ensure one hundred percent clarity of windows, so consider GlassParency for your next detailing job. 

How GlassParency Is Installed

Being an authorized auto detailing shop, we are able to officially install GlassParency products, as we are trained to apply, sell and maintain your glass coatings at Drip Detailing. GlassParency is a two-part chemical application that only reacts to glass. It is engineered specifically for glass, as it is not a wax or topical treatment.

The process starts with a deep clean and perfecting of your glass before applying, removing chemicals, dirt and contaminants. Chemical A is first applied, as it reacts to the silica of the glass and grows a substrate with the pores of the window. Chemical B reacts to Chemical A, forming a barrier that is extremely hydrophobic.


Having your car’s bodyworks detailed is one thing, but having the windows coated with a hydrophobic treatment is unlike any other. The unparalleled clarity and the feeling of safety during thunderstorms or blizzards is amazing, and you’ll want this coating for your car for as long as you live! Have your car coated with GlassParency, as the rainy season is fast approaching!

For the last five years, Drip Detailing has been the premium auto detailing shop in Calgary, offering exterior and interior detailing, as well as GlassParency and other special services. Save your car’s shine and special look by coating it today with some of Drip Detailing’s best products and services.