At Drip Detailing we get asked so many questions about ceramic pro, 

what is ceramic pro, why should I get ceramic coating and what makes it unique. 

Right off the batt we are going to let you know it is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

The best attribute about it for us is that it helps protect and maintain the vehicles paint.

We love keeping our vehicles looking in tip top shape and we know you would love this as well.

Even a dedicated individual who follows our Ultimate Guide to Detailing would have a hard time competing with the benefits of this nano technology,

Not only would you save tons of money with Ceramic coating and PPF but its impossible to say no to the benefits it brings.

This blog is an introduction to ceramic pro and how ceramic coating works. 

So What Is Ceramic Coating

CeramicPro is multilayer, durable and flexible glass shield made by nanotechnology,

Basically this coating can be applied to your vehicle and acts as a hardened layer of protection for the paint.

Ceramic coatings are extremely popular due to the fact that they require little to no maintenance,

You can read into our article Ceramic coating maintenance tips on how to make sure your coating maintains its strength.

The best solution to help prolong the life of your cars paint is coupling Ceramic pro with Paint Protection Film.

The ceramic coating can only be installed by certified installers and the brand is typically represented by its flagship product Ceramic 9H.

Ceramic 9H

We are going to start off with Ceramic 9H, it is the flagship product and this is what you’ve most likely heard of,

It is composed of silica dioxide and titanium dioxide as well as the “secret sauce” aka the solvents.

From the beginning Ceramic was designed to be a multi layer coating, 

So what does mean for you, the consumer?

Adding multiple layers of this nano coating helps your vehicle achieve a brand new top substrate that ensures not a single spot is missed,

Along with no area being missed you get the added benefits of the new layer being much tougher as well as more visually appealing.

Due to these multi layer coatings we are able to have ceramic coatings reach an astonishing 9H hardness.

In order for us to provide some perspective, most clear coats measure between 2H and 3H 

This shows that 9H Ceramic Pro is 2-3 times stronger than most clear coats that are applied to cars.

We wanted to show you exactly how the coating cures to provide some insight for you guys.

If we were to leave the bottle opened and allow it to dry, 

it would dry the solution to be about 75% as hard as glass.

Take a look at this ceramic pro crystal right here

Nano Technology Calgary

Ceramic Coating Crystal

As you can see it has turned into a hard form of glass!

Simply having a small plastic or glass screen protector on our phones can protect them from nearly any drop,

could you imagine the protection having a glass layer of coating covering your entire vehicle would do?

Now like most people your probably wondering how you can place this on your vehicle and not have it shatter?

Luckily the folks over at ceramic pro were kind enough to test this out to answer your question, forward to 1:28 to find out!

Ceramic pro is not just hard and but it is excellent at protecting the paint form rock chips, dirt and gravel

It doesn’t stop there, ceramic pro is also anti stick and extremely scratch resistant.

So how does it work

Ceramic coating works in an anchor pattern, it is not similar to orange peel or other texture methodologies.

Instead ceramic coating works in nano technology,

How Does Ceramic Pro Bond

In the past previous wax’s and sealants bonded using a physical bond,

The particles on these sealants tended to be very large and would generally sit onto the area of the paint.

Ceramic coating actually forms a covalent bond which means the ceramic goes in-between the particles of the paint.

The coating becomes permanently bonded and this effect cannot be washed off, damaged by heat or detailed away.

Once the area is filled it is considered permanent and can only be removed via the process of abrasion.

Ceramic pro coating will however need some minimal maintenance over time when combining Ceramic pro with Paint Protection film the need for maintenance is essential gone.

Benefits Of Ceramic Pro

Protection From UV Damage and Oxidation

Avoid the need to find the perfect parking spot under a tree to get some shade for your car. 

Constant exposure to the sun can cause severe rusting, fading to the paint and plastic on the exterior on your vehicle.

This could end up costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix and is an even more of a  problem for darker paint colours such as black , blue and red.

Using CeramicPro to protect the paint of your vehicle including the most neglected parts like fenders and side mirrors will help keep the glossy colour from dulling away.

Although the nanotechnology in CeramicPro isn’t going to reverse any sun damage that’s already happened, it will prevent any more from happening.

Maintaining / Washing The Vehicle Is Much Easier

CeramicPro coatings for you vehicle make washing your car less of a chore and a lot more fun.

The main responsibility of ceramic coating manufacturers such as CeramicPro is to make the vehicle hydrophobic. 

A hydrophobic coating essentially allows your vehicles paint to repel liquids, 

These coatings make it exceptionally difficult for mud, grime, dust and all other contaminants to stick to your vehicle.

Even if the mud and grime succeeds in sticking to your vehicle we can guarantee it stands no chance against a simple wash to remove the dirt and grime. 

Protect Your Investment And Save Some Money!

Although it may seem like installing a ceramic coating is a costly process, you should do the math before you judge! 

CeramicPro , once installed correctly by a certified installer such as DripAutoPro’s actually saves you a hundreds of dollars 

Waxing your vehicle only lasts for up to 3 months so that means in order to keep your paint in good condition it would need to get done 4 times a year. 

Waxing ($250)  x  Quarterly = $1,000/ Year

Your spending spending $5,000 for 5 years on waxing your vehicle alone not to mention all the other costs of maintaining the look of the paint.

Simply investing $1500 into ceramic and $1000 into a Paint Protection Film would save you nearly $2500!

This alone also reduces the risk of any major damage taking place on your vehicles paint.

Ceramic coating can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and you can rest knowing your paint will remain immaculate, if you want to look into ceramic coating pricing get in touch with our team

Protect Your Interior 

CeramicPro is not just manufactured for the exterior of your vehicle, it has the same protective qualities for the interior of your car.

Whether you want to prevent stains on your carpet, dashboard from fading or leather seats from cracking, ceramic coating is your answer. 

In our Ultimate Guide to Detailing blog, we went over many great practices to keep your interior in tip top shape as well.