While there are a handful of people who do not mind driving a mud-stricken vehicle, most car lovers like driving in vehicles that are perfectly polished and clean. Although many carwash services are readily available, some messes are only removable through a car detailing procedure—which can be a bit time-consuming to go through.

For this reason, picking the right colour for your car is an important task you will need to make when before purchasing one. While you should purchase a colour that you love, considering which is easier to keep clean can also ensure that your experience of owning a vehicle is not ruined with the burden of constant scrubbing away at dirty spots.

If you are picking between a black or a white car and are wondering which one will dirty far more quickly, then keep on reading—we’ve got the answer for you!

White Cars vs. Black Cars

It is commonly thought that white colours get dirtier quickly than others because any stain will look evident on it—but in truth, the opposite is actually true. While marks like mud and dirt will still show up on white cars, the majority of the “dirt” we see on our vehicles are wet marks left after water has been splashed on the surface and left to dry. These marks leave a white mark—which becomes invisible to the eye on a white background!

To add to this, other types of dirt, like bird or lizard droppings, also tend to become white after they have dried out. While this does not mean the dirt is not there, it is not as obvious—thus making for a “cleaner” outer look. Also, white tends to reflect the most amount of light away, and knowing that light is energy, this also means that white cars stay much cooler for longer periods. 

Now, if it sounds like a black car is the worst option when it comes to staying clean, this is not necessarily the case! Remember, while black can get dirty from the aforementioned dirt, certain factors will not get it as dirty as white cars. For example, if you live in an area where there is a lot of soil and dirt, a white car will show all of these marks. On the other hand, if you spent a lot of time on paved roads, a white car would maintain its cleanliness for longer.

Which one do I pick?

If you are thinking solely about choosing a colour that is easy to clean and hard to get dirty, while white seems like the clear winner, the real answer is that it mostly depends on the area you’re in. 

In fact, there are other colours out there that can serve better for staying clean, such as light brown, champagne, and taupe. In fact, colours like gray and silver will look great even when dirty.


Put simply, if you are thinking of purchasing a black or white car, thinking either option is easier to clean, just note that there are better options. However, if you are only choosing between these two colours, then think about where you are going to drive it. 

If you are planning to take your car down on the highways and only on paved roads where there is minimal dirt, a white car will serve you perfectly. On the other hand, if you live in an area where there is a lot of mud and dirt, a black car is the better pick! Put effort into your choice, and before you know it, you will be saving plenty of money not having to clean your car as often. Fortunately, if you are unhappy with one colour, you can easily change your car colour, at the cost of some of your time and money.

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