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When the Canadian economy started booming years ago, the demand for motor vehicles surged to atmospheric heights—and so too did leasing.

Nowadays, the prominence of leasing vehicles itself has reached the point wherein nearly one out of four cars on the road in 2016 were leased—a growing reality that continues to become more popular year after year. At this point, in fact, it is even clearer than ever that the appeal of a lease when getting a new car is hard to look past.

If you’ve been thinking about a car of your own, then it’s best to assume that you’ve considered leasing at one point or another. As you continue to look deeper into the whole idea, you can finally decide to take the leap by signing up with your local leasing office and finally getting the car of your dreams.

The most important factor you need to consider when you near the end of your lease

After spending some time with your leased vehicle, you’ll eventually need to bring it in after some time.

Considering mileage restrictions, maintenance requirements, and other requirements made clear to you the day you signed the lease, you’ve probably become aware of the kind of care you need to provide. Beyond all the nitty-gritty under the hood and within the chassis, however, there’s one more aspect of your vehicle leasing contract that you’ll need to take care of before returning it: keeping everything as clean as possible.

A solution worth considering

With leasing firms and professionals becoming more intent on juicing every client and spotting as many minor details as possible, you probably can’t afford to have a single blemish in the vehicle. The problem is that a simple wash-and-wax before your lease return might not be enough to convince a representative to look the other way when freeing you of your obligations.

As your lease return looms around the corner, you’ll need to ensure that your leased vehicle is brought back in the same shape (or even better). Thankfully, this is where getting a full-on detail job can be helpful—and these key benefits should convince you that this is the solution you need:

Getting a detail means that you’ll fix any blemishes in your paint before it’s too late

One common horror story in car leasing is having to pay handsome sums for scratches that they could have fixed beforehand. While the average leasing contract dictates that the paint on a leased car cannot have a scratch bigger than a credit card, having a large, deep scratch can mean the end for your savings.

Fortunately, detailing goes far beyond the bare minimum because the entire process also includes an intricate and expertly-administered paint correction process. For instance, at Drip Detailing, we provide full-car paint correction to help bring a car’s exterior back to a showroom finish, so you won’t ever need to worry about paying costly dealership labour rates!

Beyond the paint of your leased unit, however, a detailing job will also take care of your wheels, glass, and interior as well—so you’ll never need to worry about small but repairable blemishes that can set you back a small fortune!

With a detail, you’ll get to play inspection psychology to your advantage

If you want a smoother exit from your lease return that won’t take more than a few minutes, it’s best to start thinking about paying a visit to your local detailer.

You see, a leased car with an alright clean can still bear probable cause for thorough inspection because such a condition can rake in extra charges for them. When you bring a leased unit that’s much cleaner than it was the day you brought it out, an inspecting professional will most likely think that there’s nothing else to worry about and clear you from your lease!


While having a leased vehicle is definitely the way to go if you want to make your driving experience to be more cost-friendly and stress-free, dealing with the return part of the process can be somewhat nerve-wracking. Thankfully, bringing your leased unit to the detailer’s shop before your scheduled lease return will help ensure that you don’t end up experiencing any additional stresses once you pull up to the dealership lot!

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