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Window tinting Calgary

We Are The Best Calgary Window Tinting Company

Drip Detailing takes pride in professional automotive window tinting. We provide a high quality window tinting service for excellent prices. You can get your windows tinted on your vehicles year-round. We have excellent customer service, as we provide customers with an installation warranty, if our customer spots any problems with their window tint or PPF(Paint protection film) install on completion, please contact us as we are more than happy to fix it- Consider it DONE. Come drop by and visit us, located at 265 Martindale Blvd NE Calgary AB.

6 Benefits Of Vehicle Window Tint

From UV rejecting tint that will protect your investment from harmful UV rays, and heat from the sun, to the blacked out window film to give your car that ultra sheik modern look (you know the one). We carry a wide array of automotive window films, paired with our industry leading professional vehicle window tinting/ PPF (paint protection film), we ensure every customer drives away happy and satisfied with our work and service..all at great prices.

Improve The Look Of Your Vehicle

Window films have been making their way onto car windows, large vehicle windows, on the windows of airplanes, and there is even a top quality vehicle tint the front window of side by side vehicles.

Window Tint Improves Privacy

Awkward moments through the glass with other vehicles at a red light? Tired of random strangers staring at you through your car window? Maybe a crazy ex trying to hunt you down in your new car (we’d recommend paint protection film service too!) . A high quality automotive window tinting film is a great way to experience your car as your own bubble again, some true alone time. We truly believe we have some of the best window tinting in Calgary..films and technicians both. Contact us!

UV Rays Protection - Tint

Calgary Window tint films go to work!

Time to put in some work! UV light comes in a full spectrum and we here to defend you and your vehicle from all of it! We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our professional installation. Whether you choose to install ceramic or synthetic automotive window tint, you should know that a lot of the high quality window film companies we use, provide a lifetime product and services warranty. You can rest assured that we will help you take care of, and protect your investment from the harsh Calgary sun light.

Tinting Can Help Improve Your Safety here in Calgary

A quick automotive safety study, and its relation to tinting in sunny Calgary.

The UV rays and heat from the sun aren’t only harmful to your car interior but are potentially dangerous to the driver, vehicle, and its occupants. In a recent professional, a scientifically controlled Canadian study, between 1995-2014, it was found that there was a 16% higher risk of a life-threatening automotive crash on particularly sunny days versus a normal day1, too high a price to pay.

Window tinting could save your life

A person’s lifetime risk of getting into a life-threatening crash is 57% in the US (hopefully lower in Canada lol). Anything you can do to lower the risk and protect yourself and your vehicle for years to come at a great price is definitely worth considering. Do you know how good your ride looks with a nice window film tint?

GET IN CONTACT AND GET THOSE WINDOWS TINTED. Did we mention our installation has a lifetime warranty on our services when we do your window tint and paint protection film? Contact us today for more information about your window tint or paint protection film installation.

Vehicle-Related Safety

A high quality window tint not only improves the safety of your vehicle here in the Calgary hills, but often times protect other vehicles and your interior belongings as well. Having a window tint prevents potential thieves from spotting any forgotten valuables or any items of interest you may have left in your car, it happens in Calgary more than you think.. Leave it to the films taking the heat off of you not once but twice. Automotive tint comes in regular shaded/dark window tint, but also clear ceramic tint, and security tint style window tint. All of which change how you and your call stroll through the glass buildings in Downtown Calgary, Did we mention we have an auto industry standard quality warranty on the work and services that we do during your installation as well ? Feel free to contact us with any more questions regarding tinting, and new regulatory questions you may have here in Calgary, or click here! Drop by at Address: 265 Martindale Blvd NE Calgary AB right off of 64 ave ne.

Great, so how does it work?

The tinting films utilize high-quality films not only use shading to block out UV trying to come through your windows but also come in various levels and types of tint and protection types each designed to turn back heat and harmful UV rays.

0Proper installation helps your interior look new after many years of use, as your interior won’t be subjected to the same amount of life hours. Quality ceramic window tint is an amazing example, it uses ceramic compounds that help lower UV and heat passing through the window. After a thorough cleanse, we then apply the window tinting film to the car window. At this stage, it is where we check to ensure the window tinting film has proper contact with the vehicle’s windows.

Just because it’s tinted or ceramic doesn’t necessarily mean the top of the line, we’re here to help you answer questions surrounding our products, and get them for amazing prices. We’re here to deliver a top-of-the-line customer experience. To check hours of work and installation please check our website homepage for hours of operation. We have a get-it-done right mentality, to keep your vehicle looking new for years to come at a price that’ll leave you with no excuse other than to get it done!

FAQs About Calgary Window Tinting

When we apply window tint sometimes moisture may remain between the tint and the glass. The bubbles may remain for up to 2-3 weeks but may take longer to disappear in colder climates. Over time the bubbles will clear up simply because the moisture evaporates.

We never recommend attempting to push the water pockets out, this is because doing this can cause air pockets to appear in the window tint which will not go away on their own.

Our team at Drip Detailing recommends waiting a full week after an install. Moisture that gets to the outside edges of the freshly installed film can get sucked under the film and create bubbles. Never use a cleaning cloth or pad that is abrasive.

Every vehicle is unique so installation times can vary. The average installation time for a small job can be roughly one hour. Be sure to let our team know what type of vehicle you have, how many windows you want to be tinted, and if you have any parts on your vehicle that need to be removed in order for tinting to take place (ie, a rear decklid).

The most common type of window tint used by vehicle manufacturers is 15% window tint. In some cases, the brand of the tint may also play a part in terms of color matching. Our team will offer specific suggestions to find the best fit for your vehicle.

After a vehicle tint installation, we recommend leaving your windows up for 3 days. Do not roll your windows down during this three-day period.

You can wash your car right after an installation, this is because the window tint film is installed on the inside of your vehicle’s windows.