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Annoying chips and blemishes on your vehicle can decrease the value of your car and lead to more severe issues like rust. A new paint job is expensive, and you can never be sure of the quality. When you need paint chip repair in Calgary, come to Drip Detailing for the ultimate solution. Our technicians have over five years of paint chip repair Calgary!

No job is ever too big or too small, and we work on vehicles of all sizes, makes, and models. If you have questions about the process of paint chip repair in Calgary, feel free to give us a call. We are proud to offer exceptional service and quality work to our customers. To give your vehicle the ultimate treatment, talk to us about our interior and exterior car detailing Calgary packages.

Calgary Window Tinting Process


Our team will never just begin working on removing car paint chips until we completely analyze the vehicle and look for defects in the vehicles paint, we don’t just check the common areas but will look for paint chips in all the hidden areas you may not expect. In Calgary many common areas where paint chips can occur are commonly overlooked, a thorough inspection will help identify the paint chip repair Calgary you car will need.


Paint chip repair is something our Calgary car detailing team has began to see get done at home more often when compared to other car maintenance. This can seem like something you should be able to easily be able to do but it is far from it, you can end up causing immense damage to your paint which can require an expert Calgary detailing companies help to repair. Our team will use only the best chemicals when working on your car and we only have proven methods to help with paint chip repair Calgary.


Every car we work on is essentially a piece of art to our team, no car is the same and each car gets its own special car cleaning in Calgary. You can be positive when you choose us in Calgary for paint chip repair that we will leave your car in phenomenal condition and you will leave with your expectations surpassed.